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This is a question about what kind of massage includes the groin.

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A full body massage does not generally include the groin area. While some therapists may offer a free affirming massage to clients of all orientations, most will focus on other areas of the body during a session. This is for a variety of reasons, including personal comfort for both the therapist and client, as well as avoiding any potential strain on the therapy relationship. That said, there are some therapists who specialize in affirming massage for LGBTQIA+ clients who may be interested in exploring this type of therapy.

What is a full body massage?

A full-body massage usually includes the massage therapist working on your back, legs, arms, and neck. Some therapists will also include the front of your legs (from the Achilles tendon to thegroin) as part of the full-body experience. Full-body massages are typically 60 minutes or longer, although you can find 30-minute sessions. The therapist generally works on areas that are prone to stress and tension, such as the neck and shoulders.

What are the benefits of a full body massage?

A full body massage is a massage therapy that involves massaging the clientufffds entire body. This type of massage is usually performed by licensed massage therapists in a professional setting, but it can also be done by a friend or family member in the comfort of your own home.

There are many benefits of a full body massage, which is why this type of massage therapy is so popular. A full body massage can help to relieve muscle tension and pain, increase flexibility and mobility, improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost the immune system. Massage therapists often use a variety of techniques during a full body massage, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

While some people may think that a full body massage includes massaging the groin area, this is not always the case. Some therapists may avoid massaging this area if the client is not comfortable with it, while other therapists may include it as part of the service. Whether or not the groin area is included in a full body massage usually depends on the preference of the therapist and the comfort level of the client.

Does a full body massage include the groin area?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as therapists may have different policies on whether or not they include the groin area in a full body massage. Some therapists may avoid this area altogether, while others may only massage the outer thighs and not venture any further inward. It is generally considered polite to ask your therapist before the massage begins if there are any areas you would like them to avoid. Some clients feel more comfortable with their therapist if they exclude the groin area, while others find it relieves strain and tension in the hips and thighs. Ultimately, it is up to the therapist and their comfort level with their clients.

How to prepare for a full body massage

Most full body massages will include your groin area. However, some therapists are not comfortable working this area and will avoid it or only work it very lightly upon request from the client. If you have any concerns about whether or not your therapist will work your groin area, you can always ask before the massage begins.

Preparing for a full body massage is generally the same as preparing for any other type of massage. If possible, try to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will likely be asked to remove all clothing before the massage begins, but if you are more comfortable leaving your underwear on, that is usually okay. Some therapists may also offer a draping option for clients who are uncomfortable being completely naked.

During the massage, your therapist will use different techniques to target specific areas of tension and stress. You may feel some discomfort as they work out knots and tension points, but overall the experience should be relaxing. If at any point during the massage you feel pain or discomfort, be sure to let your therapist know so they can adjust their pressure or technique.

After the massage, you may feel a bit shaky or lightheaded from all the relaxation. This is normal and will dissipate quickly. You should avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine for at least a few hours after the massage as these can interfere with the relaxation response.

What to expect during a full body massage

A full body massage usually includes the legs, arms, back, neck, and shoulders. The therapist will also usually work on the feet and calves. Some therapists may include the groin area, but this is usually not done with a full body massage. It is up to the therapist and the client to decide if this area will be included in the massage. Many therapists will have their clients remove all clothing for the massage, but some may leave their underwear on if they are uncomfortable with removing everything. It is important to communicate with your therapist about your comfort level during the massage.

How to get the most out of a full body massage

While many people believe that a full body massage includes the groin, this is not always the case. It is important to understand that therapists have various degrees of comfort when it comes to working with clients in this area, and some may not be willing to do so at all.

If you are interested in having your groin included in your massage, it is best to discuss this with your therapist beforehand. Many therapists are happy to accommodate their clients’ wishes in this regard, but some may charge extra for this service.

In general, a full body massage should involve all major muscle groups in the body, including the back, legs, arms, and neck. The therapist may also use light strokes on the abdomen and chest. The purpose of a full body massage is to relax the muscles and relieve tension throughout the body.

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After your full body massage

After your full body massage, your therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed. They will usually give you a few minutes to soak in the relaxation before they come back in and check on you.

It is common for therapists to ask clients if they would like to book another session at this time. While body massage therapy is beneficial for everyone, it is not a cure-all; regular sessions are often needed to maintain the benefits.

Most therapists offer discounts for clients who book multiple sessions, so don’t be afraid to ask about this when you call to book your appointment.

Full body massage tips

Most full body massage therapists recommend that their clients free their mind and bodies of stress and worries before their sessions. This allows the clients to focus on the therapist’s touch and fully relax. Some clients find it helpful to take a warm shower before their massage. This is especially true if the client has a lot of body hair, which can make for an uncomfortable massage experience.

Be sure to communicate any areas that you would like your therapist to avoid. For example, some people are uncomfortable with having their groin area touched. If this is the case, let your therapist know so that they can avoid this area.


Therapists may use different techniques during a full body massage, but there are some general tips that can help make the experience more enjoyable for both the therapist and the client.

– Use slow, firm strokes when massaging large muscles groups such as the back or thighs.

– Avoid using too much pressure on bony areas such as the knees or elbows.

– Use circular motions when massaging smaller muscle groups such as the shoulders or neck.

– Incorporate stretching into the massage if possible. This can help relieve muscle strain and tension.

FAQs about full body massages

While a full body massage does not necessarily have to include the groin area, many clients request that their therapists massage this area for added relaxation and relief from tension and strain. Some therapists may be uncomfortable with this request, while others are perfectly happy to oblige their clients. If you are unsure about whether or not you should include the groin in your full body massage, it is best to discuss it with your therapist beforehand.

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